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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Get off your pity pot Nancy!

Recently I got off the telephone with one of my students who was complaining that nothing was happening in his new real estate investing business. I asked him what he was doing to find motivated sellers. Did he run a classifed ad in his local paper "I Buy Houses!" like I instructed him? Nope...Okay did you put any flyers on the bulletin boards in your local grocery stores and department stores? Nope...well did you drive the neighborhood and call on the For Sale by Owner signs? No haven't done that neither...hmmm...but you called me to complain??? Geez wake up folks! Nothing is going to happen unless you make it happen! I'm making new real estate millionaires all over the country this summer. Buying real estate has never been easier or more is the time to get started. There is a perfect storm out there brewing and opportunites to make a killing in real estate have never been greater. I'VE STILL GOT A FEW SPOTS LEFT IN MY "FIRST 50" CAMPAIGN... I'm willing to personally mentor you through every deal you find this summer if you agree to let me use your success story in my up coming national campaign! You can read more about my challenge and offer to make you a real estate millionaire this summer at : or

I made my first million in the early 1970's. I know what the hell I'm talking about and if you're serious about making money buying real estate with little or no down payment, no banks, no credit, no lawyers, and no costly mistakes and you're ready to follow instructions, I'll help you, you help me promote my new system. Read my story today. Get off your pity pot Nancy and do it right now by going to:

That's right. That's me. I succeed through persistence, knowlege and planning. Want to join my team? This opportunity won't last.

Mr. Smith
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