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Monday, August 01, 2005

If I Am Going To Invest In Real Estate, Should I Get My Real Estate License?

A lot of my coaching clients ask me this question. Of course it depends on your situation, but in nearly every case I've seen, my answer is, "Yes."
This advice is for people who have already bought a few properties, enjoy the business and intend to continue investing.
You certainly don't need to do this to get started, but after you do it, you will probably make more money from each transaction. You have more control and it ultimately reduces the expenses of selling and finding property.
Here are some more reasons to have a real estate license.
1. You have access to the multiple listing service in your area so you are able to do a regular search for under-priced properties without having to wait for an agent to do it for you.
2. When you make an offer ... more...
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