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Monday, August 15, 2005

Insider Secrets to Selling a Home for Top Dollar in Laguna Niguel

There are 3 Keys to selling a home in Laguna Niguel for Top Dollar.Laguna Niguel Home shoppers are typically very discerning.  With prices starting at $400,000 for a small Condo, to Estate properties priced at $5 Million and more... buying a home in Laguna Niguel is a major decision for most people.There are 3 Keys to selling a home for the highest price possible in a reasonable period of time.  First, is to professionally market the home for sale to as many qualified buyers as possible.  This can only be practically achieved by hiring a seasoned and professional real estate agent who will give the marketing material a very professional image, list the home for sale in the Multiple Listing Service ( MLS ) and extensively market the home for sale in the Internet.  Supply and demand ultimately dictates price, therefore it is important that the property is advertised to as many buyers as possible.The second key, is to get the property to show it's best.  Many little improvements can be done to a home that are free or very inexpensive.  Some of these are; removing unnecessary furniture to make a room feel bigger, remove multiple photos from the walls, and numerous nic-nacs from shelves and tables.  Trimming the outside landscaping, putting toys, tools and hoses inside the garage.  Fix loose door knobs, clean smudges on walls, and dirt spots on the carpets.   There are many more tips and suggestions that can be found at our website at www.Search-OCHomes.comFinally, the last key to a successful sale is to price the home correctly.  Obviously, pricing the home too low should be avoided for why give away hard earned equity.  On the other hand, pricing a home to high will result in no offers and the home sitting on the market for sale for too long and becoming stale to the buyers in the marketplace.  Pricing a home accurately can sometimes be tricky, so be sure to employ the services of a professional realtor to obtain an accurate price.To find out the value of your Laguna Niguel home or to learn abut our unmatched home sales marketing program, visit our website below. See AlsoLaguna Niguel Homes for SaleOnline Home Pricing, Photos, MLS Search and more. more...
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