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Monday, August 01, 2005

Make Money On The Sale Of An Investment Property Even If You Didn't Get A Great Deal When You Bought It.

Here is an example: Buy a home for $82,000. It's real market value is $95,000. Not a bad deal, just hard to make money on when you try to flip it with a conventional buyer.
Let say you've been trying to sell it using conventional means for 3 or 4 months and you have the choice of either lowering the price to try and move it or fixing it up. Either way, all you are going to do is break even or worse yet, lose money.
Try this instead.
List it for $105,000. Put a sign in the yard and run a classified ad that says,"$3,000 Down - Bad Credit Okay! 222-2222" By accepting bad credit buyers, you've just opened yourself up to a huge market. You will get plenty of calls.
A bad credit buyer can get a loan ... more...
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