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Monday, August 15, 2005

Mooning Trains in Laguna Niguel... what a Hoot!

The 26th Annual 'Mooning Amtrak' event in Laguna Niguel is a sight to beholdThis has to be the wackiest event in the staid and quiet residential city of Laguna Niguel... and it started in 1979 in a bar.  Yes, Mooning the Amtrak train has now become a national event.  Locals as well as visitors from other states (ie;  Michigan, Florida) gathered this past weekend (the second Saturday of July) at a chain link fence across from Mugs Away Saloon to bear their Assets to the passing Amtrak trains. This year was especially crowed with the streets lined with vendors selling tee-shirts, mugs, etc, Harley motorcycles, tents and $100K Winnebago’s, plus a thousand people or more.  It was so crowded this year, that the chain link fence 'Mooning Area' was roped and sectioned off.  One particular section was called 'Area 51, the Full Monte section'.  I heard that the Amtrak train from Irvine to San Juan Capistrano was sold out for a month or more for this yearly event.Rumor has it that this wacky event started on the 2nd Saturday of July in 1979 at the Mugs Away saloon when a patron told his buddies that he'd buy them a drink if they ran outside to the rail road tracks and 'Mooned' the next  train to pass by.  They did and the tradition has prevailed and grown each year since then.  It is organized by no one and appears to have a live of it's own.  The event even has it’s own motto… ‘Where the Tail meets the Rail' and it's own Un-official website ( )If you would like to view Laguna Niguel real estate assets for sale online, just visit our website below.See AlsoLaguna Niguel and south Orange County Real EstateHome Prices, Photos, MLS Search and more. more...
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