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Monday, August 15, 2005

New Technology simplifies finding Homes for Sale in Orange County, CA.

New Internet Service performs 24/7 custom searches of homes Just Listed for sale in Orange County.Searching for a home to buy can be a trying and frustrating experience.  Using the OC Just Listed home finding service can greatly simplify the process and assure that every home that is newly placed on the Multiple Listing Service ( MLS )for sale will be detected and reviewed.   Prior to this technology, a home buyer had to rely on the diligence of their Real Estate agent to search the market every day for newly listed homes for sale.  But even the best agents are still human... they need some time off, go on vacations, work with other clients, etc.  These distractions sometimes result in the perfect listing being missed and purchased by some other buyer.  The OC Just Listed home finder service never sleeps, never rests, and can work with hundreds of clients at that same time and never miss a new listing.  The computer system is programmed to seek out newly listed homes that match the buyers criteria, such as: price range, city(s), type of property, bedrooms and baths, living area, age, lot size, etc.  It then compares each new listing to these filter parameters, and if a match is found, the system emails a notification to the prospective buyer. The email contains detailed information about the newly listed homes for sale, or listing with a new price reduction, and also include photos, and a map.When using this service it is a good idea not place to many restrictions on the search criteria, and here is why. Some listing agents will leave out information from a new listing for various reasons, such as lot size, end unit townhome, etc.  If these parameters are missing from the listing, then the OC Just Listed home buying service will reject this new listing, even though the home actually contains this feature.  Therefore, it’s a better idea to minimize the search parameters and review each listing manually for the  other less prominent features.  This new OC Just Listed home finding service can be found at our website at See AlsoView MLS Orange County Real Estate for SaleHome Prices, Photos, MLS Search and more more...
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