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Monday, August 01, 2005

Real Estate Marketing - How To Get Sellers To Call And Beg You To Take Their Property!

A lot of people ask about real estate marketing so here is a great article by my partner and mentor Joe Crump.
This week I'm going to give you the *basic* steps in my $0 Down Real Estate Investing Program. I outline the program in *detail* in my 324 page e-book. For details about the book.
I personally put together four more real estate deals last week... not to mention the deals that I helped my coaching clients put together. This business gets addictive when you get the system set up. It is a lot of fun seeing deals come together with very little effort. Setting it up in the first place is where the effort comes in. After it's set up, it is fairly easy to maintain.
I do most of my work on the phone. It doesn't ... more...
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