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Monday, August 01, 2005

Survival Strategies for Profitably Managing Your Real Estate for Management

Good management is critical to being successful at investing in single family homes. In fact, even if you do everything else properly, you've got big problems if you don't know how to manage the houses and the tenants.
Finding and buying the house is only part of the job. Paying attention to your properties is the other half of the battle.
Those who don't pay attention will go broke.
I've seen it happen MANY times. Repairs and vacancies are the two biggest problems that you will face, and to much of either will turn a good investment into a bad one.
Ultimately, both of them are the result of bad management.
Record keeping is also critical. Make sure you have everything for tax time and in case of an audit. Fortunately, once you learn the rules and "tricks of the ... more...
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