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Monday, August 01, 2005

What's The Downside Here? Am I Taking A Huge Risk By Being A Landlord?

It would not be fair to have a discussion about investing in real estate without covering the negatives too. Every investment has some drawbacks and no investment is 'perfect."
MANAGEMENT- All real estate requires management, either by you or a professional management company. There are more headaches involved with real estate than with simply putting your money in a money market account or mutual funds.
Single family homes are more difficult in some respects because they are spread out. This makes it harder for showings and repairs versus an apartment where all the units are in one location.
There is also more paperwork, because each house has its own mortgage, property taxes, insurance, etc.
Management takes some time, but if you develop a system and stay on top of it, it is not all that hard.
VACANCY- All real estate ... more...
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