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Monday, August 01, 2005

Real Estate Marketing - How To Get Sellers To Call And Beg You To Take Their Property!

A lot of people ask about real estate marketing so here is a great article by my partner and mentor Joe Crump.
This week I'm going to give you the *basic* steps in my $0 Down Real Estate Investing Program. I outline the program in *detail* in my 324 page e-book. For details about the book.
I personally put together four more real estate deals last week... not to mention the deals that I helped my coaching clients put together. This business gets addictive when you get the system set up. It is a lot of fun seeing deals come together with very little effort. Setting it up in the first place is where the effort comes in. After it's set up, it is fairly easy to maintain.
I do most of my work on the phone. It doesn't ... more...
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Preparing To Make A Zero Down Offer

I'm going to focus on the seller of a hypothetical property you have found and the offer that you are going to make. You want to write it so it has a reasonable chance of being accepted.
Never offer more than you can afford to pay.
Don't get caught up in the idea that you are going to make it work no matter what. Let's face it, some deals just won't work and you have to let them go.
Ultimately, the person who gets the best deal is the person who is the least motivated. You have lots of potential homes to purchase... the Seller only has one home to sell.
Work up the numbers.
First, you need to know what the current market value of the property is.
Do this by going to your title company (you can pick ... more...
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Don't Take All My Advice For Buying Real Estate And Then Forget ** PROPERTY MANAGEMENT BASICS ** When You Go And Rent Them!

Property management is what you do with your real estate AFTER you own it. If you expect your business to thrive, you must be as systematic about how you manage your property as you are about finding the properties to buy in the first place.
I decided to write this article because of a phone call I got from one of my clients yesterday. This is NOT a dumb guy. I believe he had made an excellent choice when he bought the property he now has for rent.
He called me and told me that he finally found a renter. They gave him a month's rent for the deposit and the first month's rent.
He had been very nervous about paying the mortgage on this property and had lost money for two months while he was trying to get it ... more...
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Finding Investors Who Will Buy Your Properties!

Here is how to find a few investors who will buy from you over and over again! This is so easy, you'll laugh with delight when the phone calls start coming in.
This step in the process is inexpensive and easy do. All it takes is a simple classified ad. I suggest that you run it in your Sunday real estate section under "investment property." The ad will cost 15-25 dollars.
I'm not going to give you the ads here, you'll have to get my book to get the exact ads I've used, tested and proven effective over the past 15 years. The ads alone will save you thousands of dollars in wasted money.
With the three different types of ads that I give you in the book, you will get calls from three different types of buyers.
1.) An ... more...
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The Most Important Thing To Learn Is How To Screen And Qualify Your Tenants

You may be tempted to just take any renter that comes along without any background check because they "seem nice enough."
People are not always what they seem. It is better to have a vacancy than a bad tenant.
Let me say it again... It is better to have a vacancy than a bad tenant.
The first step is to tell all prospective tenants that call you: "Thanks for calling. That home is an excellent one, and it is still available. I'd be happy to show it to you. First though, I should tell you that we require a $35 non-refundable application fee and that all references and past landlords are checked, in addition to a credit report. Prior to move in we require the first month's rent, a security deposit of $XX, and ... more...
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Survival Strategies for Profitably Managing Your Real Estate for Management

Good management is critical to being successful at investing in single family homes. In fact, even if you do everything else properly, you've got big problems if you don't know how to manage the houses and the tenants.
Finding and buying the house is only part of the job. Paying attention to your properties is the other half of the battle.
Those who don't pay attention will go broke.
I've seen it happen MANY times. Repairs and vacancies are the two biggest problems that you will face, and to much of either will turn a good investment into a bad one.
Ultimately, both of them are the result of bad management.
Record keeping is also critical. Make sure you have everything for tax time and in case of an audit. Fortunately, once you learn the rules and "tricks of the ... more...
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If I Am Going To Invest In Real Estate, Should I Get My Real Estate License?

A lot of my coaching clients ask me this question. Of course it depends on your situation, but in nearly every case I've seen, my answer is, "Yes."
This advice is for people who have already bought a few properties, enjoy the business and intend to continue investing.
You certainly don't need to do this to get started, but after you do it, you will probably make more money from each transaction. You have more control and it ultimately reduces the expenses of selling and finding property.
Here are some more reasons to have a real estate license.
1. You have access to the multiple listing service in your area so you are able to do a regular search for under-priced properties without having to wait for an agent to do it for you.
2. When you make an offer ... more...
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Never Pay Capital Gains Taxes On Your Real Estate Investments Again! 1031 Exchange Basics

If you use the U.S. tax code in your favor, you will never have to pay capital gains on your real estate.
What I suggest is a 1031 Like Kind Exchange. This says that you can sell a property at a profit and pay no capital gains as long as you buy an equal or greater property that is the same type within 180 days of your sale. (There are other restrictions so ask your title company before you do it.)
Let's say you bought a home for $75,000, 10 years ago and sold it today for $125,000. You paid off the mortgage during that 10 years with the rents that you received. You probably depreciated it during the time that you owned it, but I won't get into that now.
So, let's say that your "tax base" (the amount ... more...
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What's The Downside Here? Am I Taking A Huge Risk By Being A Landlord?

It would not be fair to have a discussion about investing in real estate without covering the negatives too. Every investment has some drawbacks and no investment is 'perfect."
MANAGEMENT- All real estate requires management, either by you or a professional management company. There are more headaches involved with real estate than with simply putting your money in a money market account or mutual funds.
Single family homes are more difficult in some respects because they are spread out. This makes it harder for showings and repairs versus an apartment where all the units are in one location.
There is also more paperwork, because each house has its own mortgage, property taxes, insurance, etc.
Management takes some time, but if you develop a system and stay on top of it, it is not all that hard.
VACANCY- All real estate ... more...
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Make Money On The Sale Of An Investment Property Even If You Didn't Get A Great Deal When You Bought It.

Here is an example: Buy a home for $82,000. It's real market value is $95,000. Not a bad deal, just hard to make money on when you try to flip it with a conventional buyer.
Let say you've been trying to sell it using conventional means for 3 or 4 months and you have the choice of either lowering the price to try and move it or fixing it up. Either way, all you are going to do is break even or worse yet, lose money.
Try this instead.
List it for $105,000. Put a sign in the yard and run a classified ad that says,"$3,000 Down - Bad Credit Okay! 222-2222" By accepting bad credit buyers, you've just opened yourself up to a huge market. You will get plenty of calls.
A bad credit buyer can get a loan ... more...
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Real Estate Investing News - Real Estate InvestingPrivate Investor

Real Estate Investing

Private Investor Lending
A complete package created by an experienced lending agent to get you up and running in the lucrative business of Private Investor loan commissions. In this course you will discover: how to get investors; how to get borrowers; actual templates to use for the investors and borrowers; templates to use for the title companies or closing attorneys for the loans; templates to use for co-brokering with other mortgage companies for their Private Money loans; templates to use for all the real-estate companies in your area.

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Real Estate Investing News - Real Estate InvestingLandsecret -

Real Estate Investing

Landsecret - Buy County Deeds From PC And Mailbox
A simple non-technical approach to finding available land in almost every state in the US, then how to buy it without getting up from your seat. Simply put, the author of this e-book shows you how to find lists of great land for ‘free and clear’ sale and then how to place bids through the mail and at online government run auctions. The county maintains the lists and they need new owners and new taxpayers. They actually want you to have the information and to be the new clear owner of 1000’s of parcels of land of all sizes - from .1 to 100 acres in every state.

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Real Estate Investing News - British Land's Nicholas Ritblat

British Land's Nicholas Ritblat to step down Aug 31LONDON (Reuters) - The country's second-biggest commercial property firm British Land Co. Plcsaid on Monday executive director Nicholas Ritblat is to step down from the board from August 31.
Crain's seeks nominees for real estate awards…extract unavailable

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Real Estate Investing News - Safeco plans to stop

Safeco plans to stop writing Florida homeowner policiesMANATEE, Fla. - Safeco Insurance said it will stop writing homeowners policies in Florida, the sixth insurance company to announce its departure from the market since last year's rough hurricane season.
Dundee REIT June 30, 2005 Financial Results Conference CallDUNDEE REIT (TSX:D.UN) will be releasing its financial results for the second quarter on Thursday, August 4, 2005.
Ten Myths about Multicultural Real Estate ClientsThis influx of people has fueled the current boom in real estate. In addition, there are already 80 million multicultural Americans already here.

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Real Estate Investing News - Editorial: Real estate Naples

Editorial: Real estate Naples Daily News (subscription), FL - Jul 16, 2005 estate investors with a knack for sensing a niche in a blazing hot real estate market Who among us would tinker with free enterprise, of which flipping is a part
SoCal real estate prices reach new heights (subscription), CA - Jul 18, 2005 Down payment sizes are stable, as are flipping rates and non of Vancouver-based MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, monitors real estate activity nationwide and

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Real Estate Investing News - Real Estate InvestingForeclosures and

Real Estate Investing

Foreclosures and Flippers
Foreclosure investing strategies from Jarad Severe. A comprehensive source of information which teaches you step by step how to make huge profits from investing in foreclosure properties, including: how to find bargain properties 20%, 30% even 40% under market value; how to negotiate with homeowners is distress; how to determine right away if the property is good; how to creatively finance these properties using none of your own money, without credit checks or income verifications; and finally how to quickly sell your investment for large profits.

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Drop Shipping – The Easy Way to Get Started

One of the biggest challenges of selling products online is finding a cheap way to purchase the items you plan to sell. Developing a relationship with a distributor that is willing to Drop-Ship products to your customers gives you a convenient and inexpensive way to get your new internet venture off the ground. more...
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Hiring A Custom Website Designer

Understanding the right questions to ask can make you a more informed consumer if you are considering hiring a consultant to help you build your website. Learn the types of developers out there and what you can expect to pay. more...
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How To Build A Website

Learn the basics of what you need to know to build an effective small business website yourself. Learn what software you need to buy, and how to actually post the files to your web server. more...
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How To Register Your Domain

In order to get your website published on the internet, you will need to purchase a domain. Your domain name is an important part of your new company's identity. Learn the what you need to know to register a great name inexpensively. more...
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Finding A Quality (And Affordable) Web Host

Selecting a web hosting company is not just about finding the cheapest solution out there. You must also consider other factors such as software support and server technology. more...
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Planning A Winning Website

Nothing can substitute for thorough planning on your website. In order to succeed, your site must focus on it's primary objective. Learn what you need to know to turn visitors into customers. more...
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Investing in Residential Real Estate: Achieving Positive Cash Flow

When investing in real estate, it is highly desirable to achieve positive cash flow on a month-to-month basis. This is true even if you are counting on property value appreciation to supply the bulk of your desired return on investment. If you are losing money month-to-month, you may find all of your eventual profits eaten up by the monthly drain on your income. This will be particularly true if there is a downturn in property values for a few years. more...
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Investing In Real Estate (KPLC)

The stock market's shaky performance the past few years has many investors searching for new ways to make money. With unheard of interest rates and a booming housing market, real estate is once again a hot commodity. more...
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Real Estate Investing 101 (Palm Beach Post)

Looking for real estate riches? Strategy 1: Buy retail. Purchase a house listed by a real estate agent or sold by a home builder, then hang onto it as prices rise and sell for a profit. more...
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AEW Real Estate Income Fund Announces Restatement of 2004 Forms 1099-DIV and Annual Report for the Fiscal Year Ended (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)

The AEW Real Estate Income Fund, which is listed on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol "RIF", announced today that it will issue corrected 2004 Forms 1099-DIV to its shareholders because a portion of the amount originally reported as Total Ordinary Dividends in Box 1a of the Form 1099-DIV should have been reported in Box 2a as Total Capital Gain Distributions. more...
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Real Estate Listing Service Allows Users of All Levels to Invest in Distressed Properties (PR Web via Yahoo! News)

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) July 30, 2005 - – Edward Robertson, President of, has launched a Website ( ) that provides subscribers with an easy-to-use real estate investment tool for properties in the Los Angeles County. provides both the first-time and veteran investor with valuable information and resources necessary to successfully invest more...
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Real estate helps boost Greek wealth (Kathimerini)

With Greeks continuing to be conservative in their investment choices, opting mostly for the real estate market, the country’s residents saw their wealth grow in 2004 by a healthy 7 percent rate, thanks to solid price rises in the property market, according to data released yesterday. more...
Originally Posted on 8/1/2005 3:43:54 PMContent source:*http%3A//

Real Estate Listing Service Allows Users of All Levels to Invest in Distressed Properties (PR Web) introduces easy-to-use real estate investment service specializing in distressed property listings. provides both the first-time and veteran investor with valuable resources necessary to successfully invest, flip, or refer real estate. [PRWEB Jul 30, 2005] more...
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Arbor Realty Trust Schedules Second Quarter 2005 Earnings Date (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)

Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. , a real estate investment trust focused on the business of investing in real estate related bridge and mezzanine loans, preferred and direct equity investments, today announced that the Company is scheduled to release financial results for the three months ended June 30, 2005 before market on Friday, August 5, 2005. more...
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Real estate market rests on second home boom (The Burlington Free Press)

STRATTON -- David Tesher and his wife, Anita, had a couple of goals as they were shopping for a vacation home. more...
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