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Monday, August 15, 2005

Latest Laguna Niguel Real Estate Market Statistics

Underlying Market Statistics reveal true market strength in Laguna Niguel. In order to access the true market strength for the Real Estate market in Laguna Niguel, you must look at recent closed sales data averages and the current Months of Inventory.  For the 2nd Quarter (May through June) of 2005, we had 201 homes sold with a Median price of $940,000 for detached homes in Laguna Niguel,  and an Average price of $1,071,729 with the average Price per Square Foot being $417.  The Median price is considered to be a more accurate representation of the typical home price for the Average statistic is often skewed to the high side by the sale of a couple of estate mansions in the $4Mil plus price ranges. The Average Days on Market (DOM) was 44 days, which is another useful market strength indicator. Finally, another statistic that gives us an indication of market strength is the Ratio of Sales Price to List Price Ratio which was 97% for the 2nd Quarter. The above data is based upon closed sales from May through June.  A more sensitive indicator that tells us today's real estate market health is the Months on Inventory indicator.  This is the number of months it would take to sell all of the homes currently on the market for sale, if no other home were added for sale.  The current Months of Inventory for Laguna Niguel is 2.5 months.  2-4 months is considered to be a sellers market.  For Attached Condos and Townhomes, the 2nd Quarter of this year resulted in 246 Condos sold with a Median Home price was $495,000 and Average of $525,514.  The average Sale Price per Square Foot was $430, and the average Days on market (DOM) was 36 days. Finally, the Sales Price to List Price Ratio was 98% for the 2nd Quarter.  As can be seen the market for attached Condos was a bit stronger than that for detached homes. This may seem counter intuitive at first, but simply points out the fact that there is a stronger demand for lower priced homes in Laguna Niguel regardless of whether the home is attached or detached. The current Months of Inventory for Condos in Laguna Niguel is 2.1 months, which again indicates a slightly stronger sellers market for Condos as compared to detached homes in Laguna Niguel.   In Summary, the Laguna Niguel Real Estate market is a strong sellers market, and has been so for several years now.  In other words, there are many more homebuyers looking for homes to buy than there are willing sellers.  Low un-employment, beach close beautiful neighborhoods, and year round temperate weather, makes Laguna Niguel Real Estate very desirable. If you would like to view Real Estate for Sale in the Laguna Niguel MLS, just visit our website below. See AlsoLaguna Niguel MLS Homes for SaleSearch the MLS, Photos, Maps, City Info and more. more...
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Understanding Easements for San Clemente Real Estate

When purchasing Real Estate in San Clemente, make sure you are aware of any existing easements.Easements on San Clemente Real Estate can be very standard and actually benefit the property, but sometimes the existence of even a standard easement may make it impossible for you to make certain improvements or alterations to your home or vacant land.An easement generally involves one property owner granting certain rights over part or all of his or her real estate in favor of another (usually adjoining) for a designated purpose.  Examples of San Clemente common easements include a right to drain water, sewage lines, utility easements for gas and electric, etc.If two neighbors decide that one will grant an easement in favor of the other then it is viatl that the document is properly drafted, signed and recorded with the office of the orange county recorder.  However, some San Clemente easements don't have to be in writing. Examples of such easements include prescriptive easements, which can result for continuous use of property, without permission of the owner, over a period of time,If your San Clemente neighbor had made a practice of crossing your property to get to his property fro at least seven years, and you knew about it but did nothing to prevent it, he could acquire an implied easement to continue to do so. Ownership rights of the property can be imported by an easement, but the public and/or private parties benefit from the affirmative use of land for roads, power lines, etc, due to the additional freedom of movement and this type of easement generally does not offset marketability. Remember that every situation is different and if you have any concern about your rights as an owner or as a purchaser, you should consult a real estate attorney.  If you would like to view San Clemente Homes for Sale in the MLS, just visit our website below.See AlsoSan Clemente Real Estate for SaleMLS Home Search, Prices, Photos and more. more...
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Questions to Ask before buying a Condo in Aliso Viejo, California

Many homes built in Aliso Viejo are Condos... Do you Homework before your Buy.Aliso Viejo Real Estate prices have climbed considerably over the past 15 years. As a result of the escalating land prices, developers have built many Condos to try to the keep the cost of housing affordable.  Aliso Viejo Condos have been a popular choice and in fact, Condos have appreciated at a higher percentage rate than detached homes in Aliso Viejo in the past 3 years.  But before you buy a Condo, make sure you do your research, for the Home Owners Associations (HOA) add another layer of complexity to the decision process.  Here are the list of the most common questions that you should ask before you buy:How do I know if there are any pending issues regarding the Condo Association ?     The best way to address this issue, is to review a copy of the Minutes of the Board of Directors meetings.  The Home Owners Association is run by the homeowners who elect a Board of Directors (ie: President, Treasurer, Secretary) about once per year.  The Board will hire a Property Manager to manage the day to day services that a Condo association will require.  The Board usually meets once per month and they discuss any issues involving the Association.  These issues, if any, and documented in the Minutes of the Meeting, and should be disclosed to you by the Seller during the Escrow process.  Make sure you insist that you get a copy of these documents.Are there any Pet restrictions?   Years ago, a Condo association could have rules and regulations (CC&R's) that prohibited pets.  A law was passed in California that made such prohibition illegal, but the association can still have pet restrictions.  Today, an Aliso Viejo Condo association can limit the number and size of a pet (ie; no dogs larger than 180 lbs, no more than 4 cats, etc.)What are the Condo association Dues and what do they cover?    Condo association dues in Aliso Viejo will typically run from a low of about $130/mos to a high of $300/mos.   Dues will be higher due the following factors;  age of the buildings, extensive use of wood siding versus stucco, large landscaped areas, lots of amenities such as pool, spa, tennis courts, gym etc., and mis-management.  The dues typically pay for the maintenance of all of the above, plus the basic fire insurance policy.Are there any pending Lawsuits?    An attorney who specialized in Condo association litigation once told me some years ago, that 50% of all Condo associations have been in some sort of lawsuit.  These lawsuits are usually with the original developer, or a contractor hired to make repairs, or even with some of the homeowners in rare circumstance.  The good news is that most lawsuits between the Condo association and the developer come down on the side of the Condo association.  Make sure the Home Owners Association gives you a disclosure declaring if there are any pending lawsuits before you buy.  If there are this may affect your ability to get some forms of low down payment financing to purchase.Is the Condo Association responsible for repairs to my Home?    Yes and No.  A Condo association will make some repairs to your home, but not others.  Which ones they are responsible for are usually listed in the Bylaws and/or CC&R's.  Typically, the Condo association is responsible for all exterior landscaping, roofing, exterior walls, exterior doors and windows if repairs are due to normal wear and tear.  The home owner is usually responsible for all interior walls, flooring and ceilings.  Some Condo associations are responsible for water leaks in interior walls, but you will need to do some research to get these answers.  You can read to Bylaws and CC&Rs' but a much faster way is to call the Property Manager and ask them.If you would like to search for Condos and Houses for sale in Aliso Viejo, CA that are listed in the MLS, please visit our website below. See AlsoAliso Viejo CA Real EstateMLS Home Search, Prices, Photos and more. more...
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Understanding Mello-Roos tax on Aliso Viejo Real Estate...

Mello-Roos is a Community Facilities District property Tax included in most every Aliso Viejo community.Mello-Roos is a special tax that is imposed on Aliso Viejo real estate within a designated community. These Mello-Roos districts are created to raise public financing through the sale of bonds, for the purpose of paying for public improvements and services for that community.  The services may include water lines, sewer treatment, drainage, streets, schools, electricity, parks, etc.  The Mello-Roos tax is used to pay for the bonds used to pay for these improvements.The passage in 1978 of Proposition 13 restricted local governments ability to pay for capital facilities and services by increasing property taxes.  In 1982, Senator Henry Mello and Assemblyman Mike Roos enacted the Community Facilities District (now called Mello-Roos) to provide local governments with an additional way to raise needed funds.  Below are common questions and answers regarding Mello-Roos...How much is Mello-Roos for Aliso Viejo Real Estate?  It can vary from about $400 per year on up to about $2,500 per year dependent upon the community and the lot.  A few home communities in Aliso Viejo have no Mello-Roos at all. How do I estimate the Mello-Roos when buying a Home? During the Escrow process, the Seller will deliver a disclosure which will state in writing the exact amount of the Mello-Roos fee.  You can also estimate the Mello-Roos prior to making an offer on a home.  You take the quoted Tax Assessor yearly Tax amount, and subtract the Prop 13 portion of the tax from this amount. The Prop 13 Tax can be estimated by multiplying 1.15% times the previous sale price stated in the tax rolls.  The remainder is a reasonable estimate of your yearly Mello-Roos payment.How is the Mello-Roos Tax paid?  The Mello-Roos is included in your normal tax bill which is billed to you twice per year.Does the Mello-Roos tax go up when I sell my Home?  No, unlike the Prop 13 portion of your property tax, the Mello-Roos portion of your property tax does not change when you sell your Aliso Viejo home.  The MelloRoos tax can increase dependent upon the community facilities agreement by about 1% to 2% per year, but it does not have anything to do with the sale price of your home.Can I deduct Mello-Roos payments from my Income Tax?  Most accountants are of the opinion that the Mello-Roos tax is not legitimate income tax deduction.  Although, I know of many people who have deducted their Mello-Roos tax from their income taxes.How long does the Mello-Roos tax stay in effect on my Home?  Typically, the Mello-Roos assessment is written for about 15 to 25 years dependent on the community facilities district.  Although, many of the districts have the right to renew the Mello-Roos tax if needed. Finally, it is wise to compare the total cost of the home prior to making a decision to buy a home with Mello-Roos versus a home with no Mello-Roos.  A simple way of doing is as follows.  Say you are considering buying either a home in Aliso Viejo with yearly Mello-Roos payment of about $1,200, or possibly buying a home in say Mission Viejo with no Mello-Roos.  To compare the prices of these homes, I take that $1,200 yearly Mell-Roos payment, divide by 12 for the monthly payment of $100.  A $100 per month payment is approximately equal to a $20,000 mortgage in today’s interest rates.  Therefore the home in Aliso Viejo is actually costing you about $20,000 more as compared to the home you’re considering in Mission Viejo.  If the home in Aliso Viejo is still a bit more desirable at a comparative price $20,000 higher than the home in Mission Viejo, then buy it, if not, buy the home in Mission Viejo.If you would like to view all homes listed for sale in the Aliso Viejo MLS, please visit our website listed below.See AlsoAliso Viejo Real Estate for SaleSearch MLS homes - Prices - Photos - City Info more...
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Metro Orange County Median Home Price 2nd Highest in California

The Orange County Median Home Price is now at $603,000...It's about time !  Orange County was due.... It's finally been discovered... After decades of living in the shadows of Los Angeles, Orange County has finally come into it's own, and is reflected in the Median price of $603,000 as compared to the median price of Metro Los Angeles of $474,700.I have felt for years that Orange County, especially south Orange County, has been a fantastic place to call home as compared to metro Los Angeles. One, our air is cleaner the Los Angeles (important to all of us outdoor active types).  Two, we have some of the lowest crime rates in the Nation in South Orange County (Mission Viejo was voted the lowest crime city in America a few years back), while LA Metro has some of the highest.  Three, south Orange County was developed starting mostly in the 70's and later, and the city planners did a fantastic job of dedicating open land, parks and green belts along roadways... you won't find the concrete jungle and the Vegas Neon lights in good old South OC... but you will in LA Metro. Fourth, it's the Beaches!  and I'm talking some of the most beautiful beaches in the Nation... Yes, Malibu is great but the beaches in Laguna Beach are better.Fifth, although LA has always been in the lead compared to Orange County in higher paying jobs, that lead has diminished in the past ten years.  With the growing business core centers in Irvine, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa and elsewhere, and the diversification of the Orange County labor force in the past 10 years, The OC has been running at about a 3.7% un-employment rate, which has been about the lowest in the country for several years now.What does the future hold for Orange County home prices?  It's hard to know, but as I stated in my July 10 Blog (Orange County Real Estate Bubble... NOT!), I don't see a bubble bursting scenario.  Possibly a flattening of price appreciation for several years... but who knows according to Walter Hahn, a veteran real estate economist... Orange County median price will reach $1.4 Million by the year 2014.  Maybe now Art Modell will rename the team to the  "Orange County Angeles" ... or how about the "The OC Angeles" ?If you would like to see what homes are selling for in Orange County, visit our website belowSee AlsoSearch the Orange County MLS for Homes for SaleMLS Home Search, Prices, Photos and more. more...
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Buying a Home with Zero Down payment in Mission Viejo.

There are many Purchase Loan options available today that allow most any qualified homebuyer purchase a home with zero down payment.Years ago, the only person that could buy a home in Mission Viejo with zero down payment using a new purchase money loan were Veterans of War (called a VA loan).  In the past several years, there has been an explosion of new loan programs designed to fit most any buyers circumstances.  Today, most anyone can buy a home with zero down payment if they have sufficient income and decent credit.  There are three factors that determine if you have sufficient income to  purchase a home with zero down payment, and they are:  Purchase price of the home, Interest rates, and debt to income ratio that the mortgage program requires.  These three factors are interrelated as described below.The debt to income ratio is the monthly mortgage payment of the zero down loan, divided by your monthly gross income (not your net take home income).  This ratio can vary from 35% to 50% dependent upon the loan program, and your credit score.   The monthly mortgage payment is determined by the purchase price, current interest rates, and the type of mortgage program, such as 15 versus 30 years, fixed versus adjustable interest rate, etc.  There is another ratio that mortgage lenders look at which is the total debt to income ratio which is too complicated to discuss here.  This ratio also analysis other debts that you may have such as car payments, credit card payments, etc.You’re your credit rating is reported by three different reporting agencies called Experian (formerly TRW), EquiFAx, and TransUnion.   Your rating is boiled down to a single number, called your FICO score.  An excellent FICO score would be about 800 and higher, and good score  is about 700 to 800, an average rating is about 600 to 700, and a poor FICO score is below 600.  Some mortgage lenders even have some zero down loan programs for borrowers with poor credit ratings at somewhat higher interest payments and lower debt to income ratios.We are sometimes asked if you can buy a home with no money at all.  The answer is no under most circumstances.  Even thought the down payment is zero, there are sill some closing costs.  Closing costs are typically comprised of loan origination fees, loan processing fees, possibly loan points, Appraisal fee, ALTA title policy, and escrow fee.   But there are other options.  We can sometimes negotiate with the seller of the home to pay for a large part of your closing costs.  Our best result to date, is we helped a buyer purchase a Condo in Mission Viejo and their total out of pocket cash expense was $795 !  The buyer was a single woman, who was a first time buyer, using a zero down loan that we found for her, and her credit was average.  We were able to convince the seller into paying for all of her closing costs except for $795.  That home owner now has over $50,000 equity in her home which she can keep tax free if she were to sell that home today!If you would like to learn more about buying a home in Mission Viejo with Zero down or low down payment, visit our website below. by Vincent BindiSee AlsoMission Viejo Homes and Condos for SaleSearch the MLS, Pricing trends, Mortgage Calculator, and more. more...
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Tour of Lake Front Real Estate for sale in Mission Viejo

Lake Mission view homes are beautiful, desired and expensive.Many homes surround Lake Mission Viejo offering beautiful views of the water and surrounding hills.  There are currently 14 homes active for sale and 18 sold in Escrow... a sign of a strong sellers market.  These homes are priced from $640,900 for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,333 SqFt Condo, to a $3.5 Million estate with 6 bedroom, 4 baths,  5,400SqFt, 3 car garage and your own private dock. Below is the complete list of Lake Mission Viejo view homes currently listed for sale:TYPEADDRESSBrBaSqFtPriceCONDO 27787 Rota  2 2 1,333 $604,900 CONDO 22482 Formentor 15 2 2 1,477 $699,900 CONDO 27777 Rota 8 2 2 1,600 $699,900 CONDO 22346 Estallens 43 3 2.5 1,781 $724,900 CONDO 27796 Paguera 23 2 2 1,448 $879,000 SFR 22536 Facinas  4 2.5 2,538 $949,900 SFR 55 Windswept Way  4 2.5 2,608 $975,000 SFR 22862 Boltana  5 3.5 3,204 $999,000 SFR 23251 Eagle Ridge  6 3 4,000 $1,289,900 SFR 22821 HUNTER CREEK Crk  5 3.5 3,800 $1,295,000 SFR 22361 Amber Rose  4 3 3,250 $1,375,000 SFR 23165 Stoneridge  4 3.5 4,000 $1,399,900 SFR 22961 Bartolome  4 4.5 4,198  $  2,795,000 SFR 27612 San Blas  6 4 5,400  $  3,500,000 The first homes built in this lake community were constructed in 1977, and the majority of the homes were built in that decade.  Home construction has continued since then with some custom estates being built as late as 2001.Lake Mission Viejo allows personal water crafts such as paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, sail boats, and eletric powered pantoon boats.  For an association due of just $16 month, residents can enjoy the ammenities of this private lake which includes several swim beaches, boating, fishing, parks and numerous events throughout the year.If you would like a tour of homes for sale in the Mission Viejo lake community, please visit our website below and send us an email requesting your interests.See AlsoMission Viejo and south Orange County Real EstateHome Prices, Photos, MLS Search and more. more...
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Buying your first Home in Aliso Viejo

It may feel scary at first... but buying a home in Aliso Viejo is well worth it.The first home you buy will most likely be a stressful event if your like most people.  How much can you afford?  Where is the best place to Buy?  How much do I need for a down payment?  A monthly mortgage obligation for the next 30 years... ARRRGH!!!  But having bought and sold many homes of mine own, and helping hundreds and hundreds of home owners purchase their first home, I can attest to you that is well worth the initial stress.  Aliso Viejo has a wide range of housing designed for the first time home owner.   There are currently 82 attached Condos and Townhomes for sale in Aliso Viejo ranging in price from $319,900 for a 1 bedroom, 1bath on up to $679K for an attached Townhome with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 car garage, 2,200 SqFt of living area, and a nice sized back yard.  If one prefers detached homes, there are 111 homes for sale in Aliso Viejo raning in price from $519,900 to $1,899,000.  The lowest priced detached home is a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath home with a two car garage, and the highest priced estate comes with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and 3,800 SqFt of living area.There are many loan programs available today that are designed for first time home buyers that did not exist just 7 years ago.  There are loan programs offering no down payment of very low down payment of 3% to 5%.  There are other loan programs geared for the self-employed in which you do not have to verify your income (so called stated income) if you have sufficiently good credit.  In other situations it can be negotiated to have the home seller pay for your closing costs.  While other loans exist offering adjustable rate mortgages, interest only mortgages and now a new 40 year amortized mortgage... all developed to help keep the monthly payments down.If your like most people in this state, the home that you own and live in will be your best and most valuable investment in your life.  Coastal Orange County real estate has enjoyed great price appreciation for many decades now, and estimates are that will continue for decades to come.  Plus the tax advantages for owning real estate are unbeatable.  You can deduct your interest payments on your residence, or save capital gains tax using a 1031 exchange for rental property, plus the tax free treatment of up to $500K of equity when you sell your residence, makes real estate ownership an fantastic investment.There are also new computer technologies available today that greatly assist the new home buyer in searching for and identifying the perfect home.  This new OC Just Listed home finding service brings peace of mind and convenience to today's busy home seeker.  Plus acquiring the services of an professional Realtor who has lots of experience in working with first time home buyers will help greatly in making this an enjoyable process, rather then a frustrating one.  For more information on how to buy your first Aliso Viejo Home, just visit our website below.See AlsoAliso Viejo Real EstateMLS Home Search, Prices, Photos and more. more...
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Mooning Trains in Laguna Niguel... what a Hoot!

The 26th Annual 'Mooning Amtrak' event in Laguna Niguel is a sight to beholdThis has to be the wackiest event in the staid and quiet residential city of Laguna Niguel... and it started in 1979 in a bar.  Yes, Mooning the Amtrak train has now become a national event.  Locals as well as visitors from other states (ie;  Michigan, Florida) gathered this past weekend (the second Saturday of July) at a chain link fence across from Mugs Away Saloon to bear their Assets to the passing Amtrak trains. This year was especially crowed with the streets lined with vendors selling tee-shirts, mugs, etc, Harley motorcycles, tents and $100K Winnebago’s, plus a thousand people or more.  It was so crowded this year, that the chain link fence 'Mooning Area' was roped and sectioned off.  One particular section was called 'Area 51, the Full Monte section'.  I heard that the Amtrak train from Irvine to San Juan Capistrano was sold out for a month or more for this yearly event.Rumor has it that this wacky event started on the 2nd Saturday of July in 1979 at the Mugs Away saloon when a patron told his buddies that he'd buy them a drink if they ran outside to the rail road tracks and 'Mooned' the next  train to pass by.  They did and the tradition has prevailed and grown each year since then.  It is organized by no one and appears to have a live of it's own.  The event even has it’s own motto… ‘Where the Tail meets the Rail' and it's own Un-official website ( )If you would like to view Laguna Niguel real estate assets for sale online, just visit our website below.See AlsoLaguna Niguel and south Orange County Real EstateHome Prices, Photos, MLS Search and more. more...
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Median Price of Irvine Homes tops $785,000 !

Rising demand and low inventory puts pressure on home prices...The second quarter (April, May, June) od 2005 for closed real estate sales of detached homes in Irvine topped $785,000 for the first time ever. This price advance was caused by the strong  demand housing and low inventory of homes for sale.  The high demand is primarily to the low unemployment in Orange County, low interest rates, and a renewed interest in all things south OC.Likewise, the median price for attached townhomes and condos sold in Irvine for the 2nd quarter of this year reached $539,000.  Also, sales volume was up to 971 homes sold for the Quarter, as compared to same Quarter of last year in which 764 homes were sold in Irvine.The popularity of Irvine has been increasing with homebuyers over the recent years with the addition of the Irvine Spectrum, and new home tracts and communities such as Watermarke Condos, Quail Hill condos and detached homes, Monterey in Northpark, Barrington homes in West Irvine and many more.  The 2000 US census states that the population of Irvine was 143,072 and it is estimated that the current population is approximately 150,000.For a list of all homes listed for sale in Irvine, visit our website below.  Here you can also register for an email alert service which will email you homes that have been just listed for sale.See AlsoIrvine Real EstateMLS Home Search, Prices, Photos and more. more...
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Orange County Real Estate Bubble? ... NOT !

Although Home Prices have increased dramatically in he past several years, we don't see a bubble bursting scenario.South Orange County homes have tripled in price from the lows of the mid 1990's to a current median price of $615,000.  Some fear that a real estate bubble exists that will soon burst as it did in 1990 through 1995.  We don't see this as a viable scenario and here's why. The balance of supply and demand is always the bottom line on home pricing.  Supply of housing has been low for several years now, and demand has been up. Back in the late 1980's, new home builders were reckless and built up large inventories of unsold homes which contributed to the glut of housing at that time.  Learning from the past mistake, builders today have been constructing 63% fewer homes than they did in the late 1980's, and this rate has not kept up with population growth.With job growth averaging about 14,500 jobs per year, and builders pulling about 8,500 permits per year (single family and multi-family homes), only about 60% of the demand for new housing is being satisfied currently.Unemployment in Orange County has been some of the lowest in the country hovering around 3.8%, as compared to 5.7% in Denver, 6.1% in Chicago, 9.2% in Detroit, 6.3% in Cleveland, etc.  There are fewer sellers of existing homes since more jobs are available here as compared to many other major metro areas.  Whereas, in the early 1990's orange county experienced thousands of job losses due to the Aerospace melt down and other related industries.  Also, jobless workers migrate to Orange County  looking for higher paying jobs.Future job growth for the rest of this decade looks rosy as well.  High technology is still rebounding from the crash of several years ago and Orange County is a major player in that arena.  Also, bio-technology is poised to be the next big growth sector producing high paying jobs, and from Irvine to San Diego is the bio-tech corridor of the world.The other factor creating demand especially for south Orange County has been the great quality of life which has been popularized nationwide by the recent success of 'the OC' and 'Laguna Beach' TV shows.  People who have become successful in life look at south Orange County as an ideal place to retire or own a second home to enjoy the near perfect weather, beautiful beaches, multitude of entertainment and recreational choices, and robust and diverse economy.With these factors creating strong demand, and limiting housing supply, we don't see a bursting bubble even if interest rates do rise significantly.  At worst, price appreciation may stagnate, and prices could possibly pull back a little bit for a period of time in order for salaries to catch up to housing prices...For a more in depth look at home prices, visit our website below if you would like to see Orange County real estate for sale.See AlsoSouth Orange County Real EstateHome Prices, Photos, MLS Search and more. more...
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Puttin' on the Ritz...$10Mil Ocean View Dana Point Home

Dana Point Homes for Sale range from $295K to $10Mil...Home Prices in Dana Point currently range from $295,000 for a 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Condo to an  Ocean Front Panoramic View Estate (view above) by the Ritz Carlton for just over $10 Million.  This Hi-Tech Custom home sits on 2 lots in the Ritz Cove community of Dana Point and features: 5 Bedrooms, a Library/Media room, Gym with Dance Floor, Large Commercial style kitchen, Indor/Outdoor pool, spa, sauna and upgrades galore... and Oh Yes, a 180 degree unobstrucive view of the coastline and Catalina Island...For the rest of us, there are 105 Detached homes currently on the market for sale in Dana Point with the Median price being $1,150,000.  And there are 52 Attached Condos and Townhomes now on the market for sale and the Median price for this style of home is $592,000.Homes aren't cheap in Dana Point and Monarch Beach (an upscale community within Dana Point), but most people find it to be well worth with year round perfect weather, warm ocean waters, beautiful beaches and Dana Wharf for boat and Yatch docking. Visit our website below to view all real estate for sale in Dana Point and Monarch Beach.See AlsoSearch for Dana Point Homes for Sale on the MLSHome Prices, Photos, MLS Search and more. more...
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Independence Day another reminder of why I live Laguna Niguel

Happy Birthday America from Laguna Niguel4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and some say the biggest holiday in the USA... It's regarded as the birthday of this great country in 1776, as a free and independent nation.  When the founding fathers singed the Declaration of Independence under the threat of death from the British empire if they were captured... Brave men.On a lighter side, it's a day when many Laguna Niguel residents fly their american flag with pride.  When kids on our street have water baloon fights and the teenagers hang out at Salt Creek Beach.  When families in our neighborhood come together to chat, and bar-b-que hotdogs and hamburegers on the street at the end of the Cul-De-Sac.  And best of all, it's the day of simulating the 'bombs bursting in the air' with firework displays lighting up the sky. That's when the cities of south Orange County  really shine.  From the numerous rolling hilltops of Laguna Niguel and throughout sotuh Orange County, you can see the simultaneous fireworks displays in Lagun Niguel, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo and Rancho Sant Margarita.  Happy Birthday America from Laguna Niguel, CA.If you are interested in seeing what homes are for sale in Laguna Niguel, visit our website listed below. See AlsoSearch for Laguna Niguel Homes for Sale on the MLSHome Prices, Photos, MLS Search and more. more...
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Insider Secrets to Selling a Home for Top Dollar in Laguna Niguel

There are 3 Keys to selling a home in Laguna Niguel for Top Dollar.Laguna Niguel Home shoppers are typically very discerning.  With prices starting at $400,000 for a small Condo, to Estate properties priced at $5 Million and more... buying a home in Laguna Niguel is a major decision for most people.There are 3 Keys to selling a home for the highest price possible in a reasonable period of time.  First, is to professionally market the home for sale to as many qualified buyers as possible.  This can only be practically achieved by hiring a seasoned and professional real estate agent who will give the marketing material a very professional image, list the home for sale in the Multiple Listing Service ( MLS ) and extensively market the home for sale in the Internet.  Supply and demand ultimately dictates price, therefore it is important that the property is advertised to as many buyers as possible.The second key, is to get the property to show it's best.  Many little improvements can be done to a home that are free or very inexpensive.  Some of these are; removing unnecessary furniture to make a room feel bigger, remove multiple photos from the walls, and numerous nic-nacs from shelves and tables.  Trimming the outside landscaping, putting toys, tools and hoses inside the garage.  Fix loose door knobs, clean smudges on walls, and dirt spots on the carpets.   There are many more tips and suggestions that can be found at our website at www.Search-OCHomes.comFinally, the last key to a successful sale is to price the home correctly.  Obviously, pricing the home too low should be avoided for why give away hard earned equity.  On the other hand, pricing a home to high will result in no offers and the home sitting on the market for sale for too long and becoming stale to the buyers in the marketplace.  Pricing a home accurately can sometimes be tricky, so be sure to employ the services of a professional realtor to obtain an accurate price.To find out the value of your Laguna Niguel home or to learn abut our unmatched home sales marketing program, visit our website below. See AlsoLaguna Niguel Homes for SaleOnline Home Pricing, Photos, MLS Search and more. more...
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New Technology simplifies finding Homes for Sale in Orange County, CA.

New Internet Service performs 24/7 custom searches of homes Just Listed for sale in Orange County.Searching for a home to buy can be a trying and frustrating experience.  Using the OC Just Listed home finding service can greatly simplify the process and assure that every home that is newly placed on the Multiple Listing Service ( MLS )for sale will be detected and reviewed.   Prior to this technology, a home buyer had to rely on the diligence of their Real Estate agent to search the market every day for newly listed homes for sale.  But even the best agents are still human... they need some time off, go on vacations, work with other clients, etc.  These distractions sometimes result in the perfect listing being missed and purchased by some other buyer.  The OC Just Listed home finder service never sleeps, never rests, and can work with hundreds of clients at that same time and never miss a new listing.  The computer system is programmed to seek out newly listed homes that match the buyers criteria, such as: price range, city(s), type of property, bedrooms and baths, living area, age, lot size, etc.  It then compares each new listing to these filter parameters, and if a match is found, the system emails a notification to the prospective buyer. The email contains detailed information about the newly listed homes for sale, or listing with a new price reduction, and also include photos, and a map.When using this service it is a good idea not place to many restrictions on the search criteria, and here is why. Some listing agents will leave out information from a new listing for various reasons, such as lot size, end unit townhome, etc.  If these parameters are missing from the listing, then the OC Just Listed home buying service will reject this new listing, even though the home actually contains this feature.  Therefore, it’s a better idea to minimize the search parameters and review each listing manually for the  other less prominent features.  This new OC Just Listed home finding service can be found at our website at See AlsoView MLS Orange County Real Estate for SaleHome Prices, Photos, MLS Search and more more...
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Miami Beach Real Estate

Zahara Properties

Zahara Properties, LLC was founded by Zahara Mossman in 2004 and is located on Miami Beach, Florida.
As a division of Beachfront Realty, Zahara Properties provides Luxury and Commercial Real Estate services throughout beautiful South Florida and even the world.
"I provide superior quality services to all of my clients from the very beginning. I have a team of professionals supporting me and working with me in order to be able to offer only the very best in service. From top Real Estate Attorney's to Mortgage Broker's to C.P.A.'s and Interior Designers, we all work together to provide you with what you need to make a wise investment along with excellent service. I use every tool available today, to enhance the level of my services, from cutting edge technology to digital photography to the Internet, to personalized service from me and my business associates. As a member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. I discovered new and creative tools for promoting expensive homes and estates and new resources for finding buyer prospects. Home buyers, investors and sellers will benefit from my knowledge and expertise in assisting them with their next investment. Everything I do is handled confidentially. I have and always will, provide the very best for my clients." -zm

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Zahara Properties has established a business relationship with our Friends, Customers, Developers and Colleagues that will last a lifetime! Recently, Zahara Properties™ was honored by the North Beach Development Corporation with an Award for "Outstanding Rehabilitation" read more about this in the Press Release page.

If you are ready to purchase a new home, would like a private consultation or are interested in selling your existing home, please contact Zahara Properties right now to start the process. We will guide and provide you with our experience and expertise in order to assist you in making the right decisions to suit all your real estate needs.
Let us find your dream home or next investment today...this along with great customer support and a friendly smile - a combination that can't be beat!
We look forward to hearing from you and as always, "Expect Excellence in Everything"™

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eureka california real estate

Many world-class athletes, from all sports, have the ability to get in the right state of mind and when looking for eureka california real estate the state of mind is most important. These athletes visualize breaking records, crossing the finishing line first, having the gold medal draped around their necks, hearing the roar of the crowd. You should be thinking the same when you are looking for eureka california real estate and we make it easy for you.

Such ability is not limited to sports superstars and is easy for anyone to do. In fact, all other great achievers in life have a crystal-clear vision of the end result of their labors. They have commitment and dedication to get there, they are overwhelmingly positive about their efforts and they know where they are going. This is exactly what you should be doing when looking for eureka california real estate. more...
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california estate management real southern

The page that you are at may or may not have everything you're looking for right now, because our california estate management real southern site is too new to be the best in the field, or even in the top 10 sites. But the Internet sites that we link to above are the very best of the bunch. We know that they are the very best because we've done an awful lot of time consuming research over the past number of months to come up with the very best california estate management real southern resources available.

So we recommend that you leave our humble attempt at a california estate management real southern site for one of our recommended choices. You'll find exactly the information and help about california estate management real southern that you are seeking, and we'll have the satisfaction of helping you find what you are looking for. more...
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california real estate exam guide

We know california real estate exam guide is important to you, so we have not listed the above links lightly, we are confident the information you find will be really helpful in your quest for california real estate exam guide, however, if the sites do not meet your needs, you can try searching for california real estate exam guide using Google, which is without a doubt the best search engine available on the Internet.

Just one small tip about Google should you choose to use it to find california real estate exam guide information. When you land on the home page, click Advanced Search as this will provide the tools for you to target directly the web sites containing california real estate exam guide info. more...
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california real estate appraisal

Our vast interest and enthusiasm for california real estate appraisal has evolved with the Internet. In the early days of the Net the information on california real estate appraisal was really limited. However there are now many online traders marketing and selling california real estate appraisal. We have sifted through these and do not hesitate to recommend the merchants whose links appear below.

As the Internet becomes larger california real estate appraisal traders gain more experience in offering products for sale. One of the big advantages that online california real estate appraisal traders have over shop front california real estate appraisal stores is that the capital costs are much less. more...
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tahoe city california real estate

The links we have provided you with are secure. However when you purchase tahoe city california real estate online please ensure to print a copy of your purchase order and confirmation number for your records. We are confident that your tahoe city california real estate purchase will be efficiently processed to your full satisfaction.

Our confidence is based on our own evaluation of the tahoe city california real estate links that we have provided in this article. Enjoy your tahoe city california real estate shopping and return regularly to explore the full range of all that is on offer. more...
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solana beach california real estate

If you're still reading and have not yet visited the solana beach california real estate links yet, let me tell you how this web site came about. I too was finding it extremely difficult getting the exact info I was looking for, I know some sites do have it, like the solana beach california real estate sites I listed above, but mostly web sites don't offer to the exact thing.

Instead of constantly searching the Internet and going from one solana beach california real estate website to the next I decided to create my own solana beach california real estate site, now obviously I've only just made a start on it. At the moment I haven't really got the content I require, which is why I've listed these other, more established solana beach california real estate sites. Soon this will be the best place to visit to find information or buy solana beach california real estate products. Until then you'll have to be satisfied with the solana beach california real estate listings. more...
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california real estate school

There is a vast amount of information both in print and on the Internet about california real estate school plans and whilst some is good, some is not very good. It's very difficult to tell just what information is valid and of real value. We have spent a great deal of time and research in locating the very best california real estate school plans web sites available.

Spending a few minutes with us you will see that we have a very large index of california real estate school plans information and any question you have can be answered here. We know that your time is valuable and have made this california real estate school plans resource site easy to navigate. more...
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southern california real estate

You could spend a few hours looking on the Net for information about southern california real estate or you can take advantage of the research we have done for you. There are literally tons of thousands of web pages with some kind on information on southern california real estate but much is of little value.

Ask Jeeves is a good source for information about southern california real estate but you must filter through the commercials for southern california real estate and determine if that is really what you want. This means you must make a decision on the value from this particular southern california real estate store. You are more than welcome to spend your valuable time in this research or alternatively you can rely on the fact that we have done it for you and click the links on the left side of this page. more...
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pismo beach california real estate

Could you imagine the freedom you now have to get to the core of the pismo beach california real estate information that you have been looking for? Searched through dozens of pismo beach california real estate pages to just the right one? What if you could get pismo beach california real estate links that actually meet your needs?. You'd click on them just like we want you to do now on the one below.

If this pismo beach california real estate link works for you then you don't have to go anywhere else. This pismo beach california real estate site is just what you're looking for. It's right up there with the best information on pismo beach california real estate today. more...
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california real estate exam question

The page that you are at may or may not have everything you're looking for right now, because our california real estate exam question site is too new to be the best in the field, or even in the top 10 sites. But the Internet sites that we link to above are the very best of the bunch. We know that they are the very best because we've done an awful lot of time consuming research over the past number of months to come up with the very best california real estate exam question resources available.

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